Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Review of the PetChatz PawCall Button for Pets

PetChatz Pawcall is a calling machine that enables the pet to make a call to you by sending a message to you about the pet’s intention to communicate. The machine is a small rectangle with rounded corners, which can be fixed to the ground or lower height of a wall, and works in conjunction with PetChatz HD chatter. This acts as a button for the pet to send you message, so that you may make a call via the PetChatz HD.


  • Can configure the PetChatz Pawcall to tablet, computer or smartphone;
  • Machine blinks when in in-call mode;
  • Pressing paw mark button makes treat come out of dispenser while sending you message that pet wants communication;
  • Home Alone Enrichment mode for giving pet playtime, training and exercises;
  • Connects to PetChatz HD with bluetooth
  • Makes pet training easy


There is a white paw mark on the PetChatz Pawcall. Once the pet touches it, the PetChatz HD machine dispenses treat for the pet, while sends you a message, that the pet would like to communicate. The PetChatz HD system and PetChatz Pawcall are connected via Bluetooth.
Besides sending message, the PetChatz Pawcall also emits sounds, lights and lighted puzzles in the ‘Home Alone Enrichment’ mode for the pet, to give it engaging playtime which are exercises for training and learning. The machine blinks when in the in-call mode showing proper connectivity.


  • Connects seamlessly to the PetChatz HD via Bluetooth
  • One press on button sends message to owner that pets wants to communicate
  • Button press dispenses treats too
  • Can be fitted on any low level surface or ground
  • Pet friendly design without corners, edges and cables
  • Blinking paw ensures connectivity


  • Pairs and works with only PetChatz HD, and no other pet chatting system.
  • Pairs with chatting machine through Bluetooth only


The PetChatz PawCall is a sophisticated button for enabling the pet to establish connection with you whenever the pet feels like. At least the button lets the pet send a message whether you call back immediately or not. Though priced a little high, the thing is useful in letting the pet connect to you in a safe and friendly way. If you have the PetChatz HD installed at home, then you may install the PawCall to increase functionality of the chatting system. The pet may raise an alert through it as needed so that you don’t miss intimation of an event or crisis at house.

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