Thursday, February 11, 2016

PetChatz HD Pet Camera Two-Way Audio Video System that Dispenses Treats, Scents and Provides Motion Noise Sensing

Review of the PetChatz HD Pet Camera and Treat and Scent Dispenser

PetzChatz is an electronic wall attachable system which is available through Amazon online, and claims to set an audiovisual connection between the pet and the pet owner. The machine has a color display unit where the pet can see and hear the owner. The owner on the other side can view and hear the pet using a computer or smartphone where the PetChatz app runs. The PetChatz is a treat dispenser too which dispenses treats to the pet, and releases scents that is soothing and relaxing for an irritated, nervous or disturbed pet.
The owner can therefore establish a four way communication with the pet, where he may see the pet, talk to the pet, instruct the machine to dispense treats for the pet, and also instruct the machine to release calming and soothing scents for the pet. Overall the machine is intended to ensure pet security at house, when the owner is away, and the pets are totally alone, or with children or aged who are unable to tale proper pet care.


  • PetChatz connects to iOS/Android app on desktop or smartphone;
  • A two way communication is established where the pet and owner both can see and hear each other;
  • 720p HD video screen;
  • Design is pet safe. There are no corners, cords, edges anywhere for the pet to chew or nibble or get hurt;
  • Treat dispenser dispenses PetChatz Treatz pre-loaded in the machine;
  • Calming scent emitted by the machine for relaxing the irritated or nervous pet;
  • Moments can be recorded through the machine, and shared as photos and videos.


PetzChatz machine functions on internet. To keep it connected you should use a WiFi connection at home with the home unit. And to connect to this home unit from anywhere you go, you would need a 3G or 4G or hi-speed internet connection.


  • No sharp edges or cords that pet can chew;
  • Can be fitted to any height on any wall surface;
  • Display large enough for pets to communicate;
  • 720p resolution for video is clear enough;
  • Operable through any smartphone or computer;
  • Connectivity can be established with WiFi internet at home and hi-speed internet on your phone outside.


Cam dispense only PetChatz Treatz, and no other custom treat, as using other treats may jam the machine and void the warranty.


PetzChatz is a good way to stay connected to your pet, while you supervise the pet and home both as you get a nice HD view of them. The high end system simulates your presence for the pet through the treat dispenser and scent emitter, which are great features at the price.

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