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To put it simply, dogs really are wonderful. Whether they are begging for your meals, barking at their pet to convince you to take them to a stroll, or just greeting you once you get home, dogs do all of the little things that put smiles on faces across the globe. What are some of the very endearing reasons why puppies are and consistently is going to probably be man’s companion? Read on…

1. Dogs have memories that are short-term that are horrible.

One of the crappier aspects of individual friends is that, broadly , they recall each of the times you’ve wronged them and can take it against you for the remainder of their lives. Dogs, on the other hand, have the”present” of poor memory. This means that you can mess with their tail, then play store with their food, and tug on their ears to your heart’s content, even if it disturbs them. You get to have the own fun, and your puppy will forget everything about it and treat you like their best marijuana in a few minutes! It is one of the only win-win situations in existence.

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