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8. Dogs won’t allow you to eat ever again.

Who would like to eat independently? Sure it is nice sometimes, but as an introvert I will admit to liking a nice dinner with other people (only if I enjoy their company naturally ). Well, fear notbecause in case you’ve got a puppy you’ll always have company for dinner. Obviously, they’ll be sitting from your kneein your face, asking for your food, but it’s company the same! Recently I moved to go eat in my room, when I heard a different huffing and puffing outside my door. Turns out my 14 year old dachshund Sally had dragged her fat little body all of the way up two flights of stairs to be there once I wore (possibly because she expected me to give her a few of my Chinese food — and from how she looked just as the corgi pictured in the above mentioned gif). Once you’ve had a dog, it is tough to eat with no incessant barking at the background!

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