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Generally, the domestic dog is the oldest domestic animal, because it is meant to be domesticated by a person ten to 15 thousand years back. The first continues to be of a domestic dog were found out in Mesolithic sites in different places. It seems that the earliest European breed was quite little and would, in general, be best compared to today’s man. There is minimal animal species in the global world, within which there will be obvious distinctions in the surface and the dogs. Some individuals associate diversity with various ancestors. Many old authors, based on the diversity of today’s doggy breeds, believe that your dog was formed by crossing many related species from the dog family. Included in this were furthermore the newbie of the idea of evolution Charles Darwin and the Austrian ethologist Konrad Lorenz, who figured the ancestor of the domestic dog had been a wolf and a jackal. Another, more probable and, more recently, a more and much more supported theory scientifically, speaks of the normal ancestor of a wolf and a domestic doggie. According to this theory, the current diversity of dogs is meant to be because of intensive, more or less prepared breeding and choice, and sudden, even unpredictable heritable genetic modifications – mutations. The result may be the emergence of several different breeds of dogs, whose specimens differ in size, torso and head, color, high quality and amount of the hair, and lastly furthermore in usefulness for different purposes.

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