How much sleep do dogs need

Dogs need more sleep than people, usually 12-14 hours a day. The amount of sleep varies according to the breed of a dog and depending on the individual dog within the breed. It also depends on dog’s lifestyle and activities. Dogs that are very active, such as dogs rescuers, sleep less. Large breeds, such as mastiffs and bernards, need more sleep and can sleep up to 18 hours a day. The amount of required sleep also depends on age. Older dogs and puppies sleep more than 18 hours.

A sleepy dog.

If the dog is sleepy all the time, you should make sure it has enough water and is properly fed. Dogs may sleep all the time due to poor quality food that does not provide them enough energy. Even poorly digestible foods can cause the dog to sleep several hours a day, because it consumes energy on digestion and not on activity or alertness. Changes in sleep habits can also be due to illnesses such as heart disease, thyroid disease, bacterial infections, and others. If your believe that your dog is sleeping too much, take it to a vet.

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