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7. Dogs have been freaking smart!

Intelligence varies depending on the sort of strain you get, however, overall, dogs are a few of the most instinctive creatures around. One of my dogs is really a mini schnauzer, and he cracks me up with just how smart he is. I’ve a few tennis balls from my desk (which I don’t use for golf; I only throw em in the air whenever I’m concentrating), also he knows this. So, what he does goes on little reconnaissance missions in my room. If I am in there, he pretends to look out my window inspect my mattress, while simultaneously stealing some glances in my tennis balls (which typically put haphazardly on the floor). Afterward, he will leave, but just after creating a mental breakdown of where the chunks are. Later in the afternoon, or it may even be a few days afterwards, I will go downstairs and watch him happily chewing at a few of my tennis balls, a mischievous look in his eye as he gazes up at me. It is hilarious every moment!

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