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8. Dogs won’t allow you to eat ever again.

Who wants to eat alone? Sure it’s nice sometimes, but even as an introvert I will admit to enjoying a wonderful dinner with different people (only if I enjoy their business naturally ). Well, fear not, because in the event you have a dog you are always going to have company for dinner. Obviously, they’ll be sitting by your kneein your face, asking for your food, but it’s firm the same! Recently I moved to go eat in my room, when I heard a distinct huffing and puffing outside my doorway. Turns out my 14 year-old dachshund Sally had hauled her fat little body all of the way up two flights of stairs to be there once I ate (possibly because she expected me to give her some of my Chinese food — and from the way she looked exactly like the corgi pictured in the above gif). After you’ve had a dog, it’s hard to eat with no incessant barking in the background!

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